Cumberland Oratorio Singers’ concert will feature popular movie, musical songs

A Fayetteville musical group is getting ready for a big spring concert.

The Cumberland Oratorio Singers’ Night of Stage and Screen will be held this Friday, April 26th at the Mathews Ministry Center at Methodist University. The show will feature musical numbers from popular theater productions like “All That Jazz” and “Singin’ in the Rain.”

The Cumberland Oratorio Singers is a nonprofit group that helps performers hone their musical skills. The group has become a staple for musicians and music fans across the Sandhills area.

Tickets to Friday’s Night of Stage and Screen will be $15 at the door. Methodist University Students get in for free. You can read the full show description below.

The origins of music from the stage and screen comes from the mid 1800’s France and the newly formed genre (at that time), Opera Comique that was dominated by such composers as Georges Bizet and Jacques Offenbach. It was there that spoken dialogue and music were combined for the first time, setting the genre apart from Opera to form what would become the modern-day musical. Some of the world’s most famous and beautiful music has come from the Broadway stage or the silver screen. More so now, with the rise of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other services that provide theatrical and movie entertainment across many mediums, we, as Americans, are more informed of the music of stage and screen than in past generations. In tonight’s concert, you will hear music from such musicals as Man of La Mancha, Singing in the Rain, and Chicago and music from such movies as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Casablanca, and White Christmas. This is a concert of light- hearted music, music that will make you smile, remember good times, and may even cause you to sing along! We hope you enjoy a Night of Stage and Screen.”