Downtown Fayetteville Bakery Uses Creativity to Build Personalized Cakes

Creativity is of utmost importance to The Sweet Palette located in downtown Fayetteville. Their creative touch is evident on their cakes and all throughout the bakery

With bright green and purple painted walls that compliment the brick interior, the dessert shop is a great space to get some work done or meet up with a friend. In addition to the atmosphere, the tables provide workspaces for those who need it. There are also comfortable couches that are perfect for those who need a social setting.

The owner, Patsy Crawford, said that she never had to question where to open her bakery. She knew that downtown Fayetteville was the place. As a Fayetteville native, Patsy has seen the improvements of downtown and the arts. She works to show support by having The Sweet Palette partner with local organizations.

“We are big on the arts. We like being involved and love seeing downtown Fayetteville evolve,” she said.

When you enter the building, you see paintings and other pieces of art line the brick wall. They spotlight several artists that are local to the area. It is important to Patsy that artists can display their work. She hopes The Sweet Palette can help local artists get the recognition they deserve.

Patsy opened the bakery five years ago after baking on the side. She spent her day-to-day life working as a freelance graphic designer until one day her son, Adam, asked her to bake a cake for his girlfriend. This influenced her and Adam to open the bakery and provide the same service to others.

Her favorite thing about baking was utilizing her creativity to decorate cakes and cupcakes. She explained that she also opened the bakery to give customers specially crafted and customized cakes that aren’t widely available.

Other bakeries may only focus on one aspect: either a perfectly decorated cake or a cake that looks plain but tastes good. However, Patsy wanted to provide her customers with both. She wants them to see her personalized cakes and fall in love when they taste them.

In addition to the cakes, Patsy’s most popular desserts are her cupcakes and macaroons. She says that the Oreo cupcake is one of the customer favorites. Next to the Oreo, she has been told that they have the best red velvet cupcake in town. Lastly, the banana pudding cupcakes sell quickly.

“Usually whatever sells out that day, I consider it the most popular,” Patsy explained.

Their newest item, macaroons, are made by Adam. The popular dessert is winning the hearts of many customers. Even though Adam’s specialty are the French macaroons, Patsy says that he is a big part of the cake decoration and that she couldn’t have done this without him. She has two other sons who kept the creativity in the family and became artists.

Patsy says that learning the business side of the bakery was the tough part, but her passion for baking and cake decorations made it easier.

Originally, they wanted to open a smaller bakery, but the extra space provides them with more opportunity to attract local nonprofits and more customers. The bakery has a venue space that people are able to rent out for events. Many nonprofits and community organizations use the venue including Poetry-N-Motion, which hosted a poetry festival last April and used the bakery for some of their other events.

Recently, the bakery has been working extremely hard to serve customers during the wedding season. They have also had several requests for unicorn-themed cakes. Their favorite time to bake for parties is Halloween, though. When they opened five years ago, it was around the same time of the year.

Patsy and Adam are always looking to expand their bakery menu. They recently experimented with pies and plan to add them soon. They will offer lemon meringue, apple, and peach.

For more information on the bakery and its menu, visit their website.