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Fort Bragg has the highest population of any military installation in the world. The massive base is named for Confederate General Braxton Bragg and has been in operation for more than 100 years. The facility spans about 250 miles across four counties just west of Fayetteville. Every year thousands of people travel to the base for everything from vacations to active military enrollment. Fort Bragg is home of the US Army Airborne and Special Operations Forces and houses soldiers and their families in several communities across the base. Soldiers stationed at the base are regularly deployed overseas and take part in recovery for US disasters like Hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

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“Fort Bragg is Home of the Airborne and Special Operations and is often called ‘the center of the military universe.'”

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Ft. Bragg Directory

Base Operations: (910)396-0371

Child Youth and School Services: (910) 643-6661

Civilian Personnel Office: (910)396-1402

Forces Command Operations: (910)570-5222

82nd Airborne Division Operations: (910)907-0685

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