Group raises $20K to bail moms out of Cumberland County jail for Mother’s Day

Several mothers were bailed out of jail in Cumberland County in honor of Mother’s Day. 

Police Accountability and Community Task Force, or P.A.C.T, in Fayetteville is paid for it.

The group raised more than $20,000 to bail out moms.

They’re only bailing out mothers who have not been convicted, but are in jail waiting on a court date.

A single mother of two was one of them. 

“It was painful, I basically sat in a cell and cried the whole time because I missed my kids, I’ve never been away from them like that,” said the mom who wanted to remain anonymous, “It’s nice being with my child and not being in there and staying in there another day because I’ve never, never ever been to jail, it’s a scary situation.”

The group plans to bail out at least four mothers in Cumberland County and surrounding counties.

Organizers say they will continue to do it until the funds run out. 

“We have a lot that have failure to appear that we could get out, it depends on the circumstances, what crime was committed, if it’s a non-violent offense, if it’s a recurring individual,” said Fayetteville P.A.C.T Vice President Kathy Greggs.

The group says the goal is to put an end to cash bonds that keep people locked up who can’t afford bail.

The group says they’re planning a homecoming for the mother’s just out this week, and a similar event for Father’s Day.

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